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Reiki 1 Training June 2024

Reiki helps to promote harmony and balance. It is an effective, non invasive energy healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability whilst energizing and promoting overall wellness. Learning Reiki is very empowering as it enables us to take charge of our own health and well being rather than having to rely on others. Some are drawn to Reiki to support their physical healing, some want to delve deeper into their personal development and most have experienced the benefits of Reiki and wish to be able to support themselves that way regularly.

If you feel ready to start your own personal Reiki journey by receiving the Reiki 1 attunement and learning how to work with the beautiful Reiki energies for yourself,  this is the course for you! REIKI is a GIFT FOR LIFE!!

To reserve your place or for further information please message Nicola on 07709859339 who will endeavour to arrange your bespoke training.



Reiki 2 Practitioner June 2024


Please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola on 07709859339 for further details.



Usui Reiki Master Level 3A

Stepping into Reiki Level 3 offers us a glimpse into the possibility of a way of being where we live with awareness of being connected to everything in this Universe. The fourth Usui symbol opens a doorway for us to experience this personally rather than intellectually.

We become aware that Reiki is as much a part of ‘the real world’ as anything else. That we carry it within our heart at all times not just when we are ‘laying’ our hands on ourselves or others. We begin to recognise even further the voice within and are open to seeing where our inner and outer worlds lack congruency. We surrender to the flow of reiki and to life. By trusting and surrendering to reiki / life, our actions become aligned with a greater universal truth.

The focus of this level is to support you in moving to the next stage of your Reiki development, whether you want to progress to teach Reiki professionally or as a means of empowering your Reiki healing to be able to self-heal and provide support for your family.

As many people take their Masters as a means of empowering their Reiki healing to be able to self heal and provide support to your family and friends but do not wish to teach, I have split the contents of the course into two.

Having completed your level 3A, you decide you would like to teach then we will arrange a mutually convenient date to complete Level 3B .  The focus of Level 3 B is to support you in moving to the next stage of your Reiki development, if you want to progress to teach. Reiki professionally.

Love and Light x


Reiki share June 2024

Reiki shares can  enhance your Reiki learning experience. They are a wonderful way of meeting other Reiki practitioners and are suitable for those interested in finding out about Reiki. They are a great opportunity to ask any questions and share your Reiki experiences with like-minded people, hear about the experiences of others and to be part of a community.

The concept of a Reiki share is simply to give and receive Reiki. There will be generally 4 to 6 Reiki practitioners working on one person is who comfortably laying down on the massage table, treatments generally lasts up to 10 minutes. Reiki shares are a great way of building confidence with your Reiki practice.

Our Reiki shares are informal and open to anyone who has been attuned to Reiki, regardless of Reiki level and lineage. It does not matter at all whether you have just completed your first Reiki course, were attuned years ago and are feeling disconnected or have been practicing Reiki for years. Everyone is welcome! Please contact me to reserve your place. Our next Reiki share is on

Love and Light xx

Full Moon Circle June 21st 2024 @ 7pm

What is a moon circle?

Every month the energy of the Full Moon brings us the opportunity to release emotions, experiences, behavior and thought patterns and outdated beliefs. Anything that is holding us back can be let go. It is also a time to sit in our power, renew our spirit and focus our intentions for the next phase. Working with lunar cycles has been done for centuries and it’s just as magical as it’s always been.

Sisters will come together to set intentions and focus on manifesting our desires. Inspired by ancient traditions and the power of ritual our moon circles provide a  supportive environment encouraging women to open up, to discuss their fears, personal struggles and more.  Our modern culture perpetuates individual isolation, competition and fear but our moon circles provide a sacred space to reclaim connection, spirituality and love within a supportive environment.

A space to connect with others, to work on self love or just for some ‘ME’ time!!

7 til 9 pm

Please message Nicola on 07709859339 to confirm your place.


Munay Ki: The 13th Rite Womb Healing -July 2024

Munay-ki: The 13th Rite

The womb is to create and give birth to life.

Providing the perfect time and space for peace, contemplation, healing and restoration, this half day retreat will help to cleanse, balance and restore your sacral chakra and womb space, whilst also empowering you with the tools to continue on with your own wellness journey.

​The Rite of the Womb is a beautiful rite that was gifted to Marcela Lobos from a lineage of Medicine Women in the jungles of Peru. It is the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.

The Rite of the Womb is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative centre. The Rite of the Womb is a blessing of the Womb, our sacred place of creation. Many women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their mothers, grandmothers and female ancestors. Some feel the wounds of a past life or had traumatic experiences in this lifetime that block their joy and happiness and prevent them from connecting with their feminine power. The healing energy of this blessing will reactivate your feminine power.

Just a little note – whilst we are so, so grateful for the love you have for our events, retreats and therapies, we really don’t like having to refuse people who are very keen to attend, because we are full. This program  has a limited number of places, so early booking is necessary if you would like to join us for it.

Love and Light xx


The Reiki Technique Workshop – June 2024

The Reiki Technique Workshop
This new workshop is open to ALL Reiki levels and will be certified so you will be able to update your CPD.
This workshop will include:
1. The first Hatsurei- Ho Technique: Gassho Mesio
2. The second Hatsureiho Tecnique: JoshiKokyu-Ho
3. The third Hatsurei-Ho technique, Reiju-Ho
4. Kenyoku
5. Nentatsu-Ho
6. Reiki Mawashi
7. Shu Chu Reiki

Places are limited to 6 and book up fast. Please contact Nicola on 07709859339 for further details.