Our Reiki Training Courses in Ormskirk

Stepping on to the Reiki path, you will commence a remarkable journey of self-discovery, development, healing and love. Reiki can be practiced by anyone and can be used purely for your own self-development if you so wish, although many who receive attunements are guided to use it to help others. Each new level of Reiki allows you to develop yourself further, leading you to fulfil your true potential, and enabling you to be a healing light for others. If you practice other therapies, either allopathic or alternative, it can enhance the treatments you already offer. Reiki is not affiliated with any religious dogma or based on any belief, faith or suggestion. It is based on the direct experience of those who practice it.

Why Learn Reiki?

There are no pre-requisites, we don’t have to ‘be’ anyone in particular or ‘do’ anything in particular. It’s a healing technique that can be learned by absolutely anyone, anywhere, in a short amount of time. In fact, the only real requirement is to be open, willing to learn and then to put it into practice. Once we have become attuned to Reiki the rest is up to us—to really understand Reiki we need to practice, practice, practice, then have a cup of tea and a biscuit and practice some more.

Reiki is a healing therapy that can be used on anyone or anything, but it is primarily a tool for ourselves. There is no stipulation that we need ever use it for anything other than our own self-healing and self-development. We can use it as little or as much as we like ( the more we use it the more we will benefit!) Reiki isn’t only for those who wish to become therapists or practitioners, it always, always begins as a tool for us. The fact that Reiki students end up being practitioners/teachers is because they love it so much that they want to share it. But this isn’t a requirement. When we sign up to a Reiki workshop, we are learning a way to channel high-vibrational healing energy through our hands; for us, our loved ones, our cat, our environment.  It can help us with sending healing to people, places, situations, and relationships – the list is endless!

Once we learn how to channel Reiki, it can really help us to feel a lot more empowered in our lives: we have the gift of a powerful tool which can help us to feel more in control. Have a headache? Place your hands on your head and channel Reiki to ease it. Feel helpless at the Syrian refugee crisis? Use Reiki healing techniques to send distant healing to those suffering. Got a job interview coming up? Send healing energy in advance to help it go well. There are no limits on how Reiki can be used in a positive way.

Having Reiki in our lives brings us back to ourselves, helps us get in touch with our true selves, helps us be the best that we can be: it isn’t just a system of healing, it is a system of being that can only serve for our greater good. It can’t help but improve our life and bring us greater happiness and well being.

‘Be the change you wish to see’

Much as we would like to change an awful lot about the world, we actually need to start with ourselves. If we want more peace in the world, we need to find peace within ourselves first. If we want to see more love in the world, we need to start with loving ourselves. Reiki can help us do this.  It Starts With YOU!!

We are happy to arrange training dates to suit your needs. If you feel ready to begin your Reiki journey, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nicola on 07709859339. We are based in Holmeswood, Ormskirk, West Lancashire.


Reiki First Degree Friday April 26th 2024

Reiki for Family and Friends

An Attunement to Reiki encourages you to live your life on a higher level leaving negativity behind. It works on all levels, spiritual, emotional and physical.

You will learn about Reiki history, principles, western and Japanese Reiki techniques. You will also have a practical introduction to the energy field of the body: Chakras and Aura and you will be able to sense the differences between each chakra and balance them.

The attunement dramatically raises the human frequency and enables you to access specific frequencies of energy. You will sense and recognise the integral purpose of Reiki that will enhance the ability to look at life in a more loving and peaceful way.

This course is suitable for people who are interested in Reiki as a personal and spiritual developmental or healing pathway. It is also the first level of training for those who intend to work professionally with Reiki and is part of a Practitioner training which conforms to the Reiki National Occupational Standards.

This level of training will give you:

• The confidence and knowledge of basic technique to treat yourself, friends and family.
• You will be personally attuned to the Reiki energy and gain experience in channelling it.
• Supervised practice of treating other people with Reiki.
• A good understanding of the history of Reiki and your place in the Reiki Lineage.
• The philosophical background of the therapy.
• Basic understanding of body structure.
• Introduction to the Energy System of the body.
• Understanding of the links between Body and Mind and why we fall ill.

Our courses are relaxed and informal and training can be one to one or in a small group (maximum of 4) so that each person can receive as much attention and support as they need. Our students are fully supported  during and after training. Our Reiki 1 course takes place over one day 10.00am til 4.00pm approx. Refreshments and light lunches are provided.  On successful completion of the course you will be presented with your certificate and a copy of our lineage.

Places are limited and fill up fast so  please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola on 07709859339 to book your place today!


Inviting Reiki into your life

Reiki training is divided into three levels. Reiki 1 connects you to the source of Reiki energy as well as teaching you the traditional hand positions for self-treatments and for the treatments of others. Reiki 2 deepens this connection as well as teaching you key sacred symbols which are used to strengthen your abilities to heal. The third level is Reiki Mastery. Some people learn to become Reiki Master Practitioners and others choose to become Reiki Master Teachers. Deciding to become a Reiki Master is a spiritual commitment which affects every aspect of your life.

Whichever level you decide is the right one for you, the Reiki pathway is an exciting one which is often life changing. I consider it a great honour to have the opportunity to share part of your journey with you.

Reiki Second Degree Okuden (Practitioner Course) – May 2024

This level is for people who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Reiki, and for those who also wish to become Reiki practitioners. On completion of this course, and submission of case studies the student will be able to practice as a professional Reiki practitioner. This course complies  with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki and the Core Curriculum of the Reiki Council. 

Here you are introduced to the Reiki symbols for the first time  and shown how to use the distance symbol so you can send Reiki healing to others.

What will I learn on this course:-
How to use the Reiki sacred symbols
What is Distance Healing and how to use it
Have increased level 2 Reiki energy
Practical Session of Self-Healing using the increased energy
Hand positions when healing others
Short meditation session
The 21 day Cleansing Process explained
Professional Ethics
Question and answer session at the end of the day

You will be initiated to the Reiki energy by a level 2 attunement and receive a manual and a course certificate will be awarded to you at the end of the day.

Courses are normally held in very small groups of 2 to 4 students to ensure that you receive the fullest attention and enjoy this learning experience. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge and experience of Reiki with you. I have been practising Reiki for over 20 years and am passionate about sharing this magical energy  with others!! I am a Reiki Master and teacher, I use traditional Reiki techniques perfected over many years and you can be assured of my support both during and after your course.

Courses soon become fully booked so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me by email using the contact form below or phone 07709859339.

Course fee £200 or you can pay a deposit is £30 to secure your place, the remainder is payable on the day.

Why a Level 2 Course?

Reiki at Level 2 is the level of training which is needed to practise Reiki healing professionally and have paying clients. Often reflexologists, aromatherapists and other complementary therapists add reiki healing to their range of healing skills that they offer their clients. However it is not just for those who have clients it is also a powerful self-development technique for your own personal healing experience and to share with family/friends and give them the benefit of well-being.


It is recommended to allow a minimum of 6 months after completing Reiki 1 before completing your practitioner training.

A certificate at Reiki Level One is needed for you to enrol on this course and I am happy to accept students who have trained elsewhere with another Reiki Master.


Reiki Master Training- level 3A

Get ready to ‘become’ Reiki!!   Known as the Mystery Teachings, this Reiki Master course is a personal discovery of your unique gifts as we explore the magical spiritual realms of energy healing.

The decision to complete a Reiki Master course is an important one as it is a commitment to a more actively spiritual way of life.To become a Reiki Master is to learn to BE Reiki. By progressing to Level 3 you are showing a determination and focus to make Reiki a part of your life. The Level 3 training is therefore more comprehensive in nature than Levels 1 and 2 and encompasses the requirement for you to demonstrate your commitment to Reiki by practising, keeping a journal of your practice, meditating and attending Reiki training sessions before you attend for the attunement day. As always you will have a period of 21 day self healing after the attunement.

Becoming a Reiki Master does not automatically make you a teacher. You need to take an additional module, payable separately, if you wish to go on to teach. For further details of the teacher training module, please contact Nicola on 07709859339. By progressing to Level 3 you are showing a determination and focus to make Reiki a part of your life!

1 day intensive 10am – 4pm  

This Reiki Master training is for the seasoned energy worker who is ready to take a deep dive into the mystery teachings. Whether you seek to be a Reiki teacher yourself, or simply want to deepen your own spiritual practice, Healing Hand’s Reiki Master training will gently and mindfully take you on a journey inward to learn the secrets of the universe. 

Refreshments and light lunch will be provided.

The course is a mixture of meditation, Reiki exercises, discussion, exploration of your personal spirituality and practice alongside two attunements. You will  learn further symbols and explore powerful new healing techniques. The course is certified and a manual is provided.

Reiki Master Requirements.

Please note: You must have completed a Level 2 training course and have been practicing Reiki for a minimum of 2 years to complete the Master training. 

Reiki Drum Technique

Prerequisite – Reiki II
No Musical Experience Necessary.

Add this deep and powerful healing technique to your Reiki toolbag. Learn Reiki Drum Healing, Mental/Emotional Reprogramming, and Reiki Drum Journeying. Our practitioner workshop not only allows you to learn new skills but due to the powerful healing of Reiki Drumming leads you to work on your own healing at a very deep level. Participants experience deep shifts during the workshop on an energetic level.  This class can be taught one to one over one day. Groups over two days.

Course Structure:
• Preparation of Self
• Creating Sacred Space
• Space Clearing & Preparation with Essence
• Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony
• What is The Reiki Drum Technique?
• Origins of Reiki Drumming
• Scientific Research on Drumming & Its Healing Powers
• Reiki Drum Journey – Soul Retrieval Technique
• Reiki Drum Attunement
• The Power of Thought
• Reiki Drum Healing – Basic Technique
• Giving and Receiving a Drum Healing Session – Practical
• Reiki Drum – Journey Technique
• Giving and Receiving a Journey Session – Practical
• Professional Ethics for Practitioners & Code of Conduct
• Intuitively working with Reiki and the Drum – Practical work with symbols
• Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique
• Giving and Receiving a Reprogramming Session – Practical
• Journey to meet your Power Animal
• Connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum
• Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines
• Closing Ceremony

Duration of Course: 2 days
Includes workbook and class manual.
Please bring your drum.

Reiki Refresher Course

If you have been Reiki Attuned to Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 (or even Reiki Masters) but its been a while since you worked with Reiki for yourself or for others and you’d like to reconnect with Reiki but don’t want to re-do a full course, then this course could be for you.

The course includes…
An attunement to your degree
An opportunity to deepen your spiritual awareness
A chance to give and receive Reiki
Tips and advice for bringing Reiki into your every day

Please contact Nicola on 07709859339 for an informal chat or to arrange a mutually convenient date.

Love and Light

What is a Reiki Share?

Reiki shares are a great way to meet other Reiki practitioners and like minded people, hear about the experiences of others and to be part of a community.

The concept of a Reiki share is simply to give and receive Reiki. There will be generally 4 to 6 Reiki practitioners working on one person is who comfortably laying down on the massage table, treatments generally lasts up to 15 minutes. Reiki shares are a great way of building confidence with your Reiki practice.

Our Reiki shares are held  monthly, they are informal and open to anyone who has been attuned to Reiki, regardless of Reiki level and lineage. It does not matter at all whether you have just completed your first Reiki course, were attuned years ago and are feeling disconnected or have been practicing Reiki for years, everyone is welcome!

Check on our events page for details of this month’s share.


Munay Ki: The 13th Rite Womb Healing

The womb is to create and give birth to life.

​Providing the perfect time and space for peace, contemplation, healing and restoration, this half day retreat will help to cleanse, balance and restore your sacral chakra and womb space, whilst also empowering you with the tools to continue on with your own wellness journey.

The Rite of the Womb is a beautiful rite that was gifted to Marcela Lobos from a lineage of Medicine Women in the jungles of Peru. It is the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki.

The Rite of the Womb is a very powerful loving energy transmission that will restore the natural balance of your creative centre. It is a blessing of the Womb, our sacred place of creation. Many women are still carrying the pain and resentment of their mothers, grandmothers and female ancestors. Some feel the wounds of a past life or have had traumatic experiences in this lifetime that block their joy and happiness and prevent them from connecting with their feminine power. The healing energy of this blessing will reactivate your feminine power.

Just a little note – whilst we are so so grateful for the love you have for our events, retreats and therapies, we really don’t like having to refuse people who are very keen to attend, because we are full. This program  has a limited number of places, so early booking is necessary if you would like to join us for it.

If you would like to book a place or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact Nicola on 07709859339.

Love and Light x