Reiki for Animals

Reiki not only benefits humans it can also benefit animals. There are a number of Vets and Nurses who agree that reiki can be a valuable asset when used to support in animal care and well-being. Using one or more sessions. It can be used to support veterinary medicine before and after surgery and also to promote the animals general well-being. It is recognised in a number of Animal Rescue Centres across the world that animal reiki is a valuable addition to care for animals that are nervous of strangers or have had traumatic life experiences they become calmer and generally more relaxed. Reiki can be offered for first aid in an emergency purely for calming whilst waiting for the Vet to arrive. More Practitioners work with Reiki in human medicine than with animals but it is becoming more widely used. My goal with Reiki is to help you help your animal through any issues they may be experiencing. .  This could be issues with behavior, wellness, or injury.