What is Reiki?

Just for today do not worry……Just for today do not anger……Honor your parents, teachers and elders……Earn your living honestly……. Show gratitude to every living thing.

Reiki is a truly magical, deeply relaxing healing energy. Reiki energy treats the person as a whole, rather than treating a specific condition, Reiki energy gets to the root of the problem!!

In a nutshell, ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese system of energy healing. The word ‘Reiki’ can be translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and also describes a “hands on” natural healing system. It’s a simple, relaxing therapy that helps to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing blocked energy.Reiki is a system of natural healing which has also been in use for many thousands of years. Rei-Ki means spiritual energy or universal life-force energy. At an atomic level everything which exists in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different rates. Humans are also comprised of electromagnetic energy and in healing Reiki acts holistically, affecting all the energies comprising the human body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki is non-invasive  healing and has been shown to effectively stimulate the relaxation response. Remaining fully clothed you will relax on a massage table, whilst I gently rest my hands in a sequence of positions, each one being held for a couple of minutes.

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful warming radiance is flowing through and around you. Your body will relax and your natural healing process will kick in, helping to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. A typical session lasts forty-five minutes to an hour. I always spend time before the session, explaining what it is, how it works and how the treatment will proceed.  We will discuss your needs, intentions and expectations. It is important to emphasize that Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medical care.

Because Reiki is so relaxing to may fall asleep or go into a meditation state, please allow this to happen and know after the session is completed, I will gently awaken you and give you a few moments to sit up slowly. You then (only if it feels right) have the opportunity to discuss the session. Drinking water is always encouraged after a session as it helps to facilitate the cleansing process. This sometimes takes the form of tears or even a runny nose and is always a good sign as the body is finding its way back to balance and ridding itself of things that are no longer needed. Many clients choose to have follow-up sessions on a weekly or monthly basis to help them maintain a sense of wholeness and well being. Although many people are content with receiving routine Reiki sessions, many are so impressed with the results that they want to learn the practice for themselves. Bring attuned to Reiki gives you the ability to begin a daily self-Reiki practice. This may open the door to a journey of deep personal healing and self-discovery that is often life changing.

Please get in touch to book a session.

Price for 1 hr Reiki treatment – £45  Discounts for OAPs and children. Mobile treatments available across West Lancashire.

Love and Light


Reiki Drum Healing

All cultures around the world have embraced the drum at some point in their history for healing, meditation, sacred ritual and for connecting with the Divine. Frame drums are some of the oldest musical instruments, and there is evidence of ritual shamanic use as early as the Palaeolithic Era.
A revered and sacred tool of priestesses and holy men, indigenous shamans, nomadic and tribal communities, the use of the drum today for its ceremonial, spiritual, healing and therapeutic benefits has not changed a great deal since the time of the earliest civilisations.

Combining Reiki and Drumming creates the Reiki Drum Technique, a method of utilising the drum to introduce Reiki energy into a person’s energy field to bring about deep relaxation thereby releasing deep seated tensions and achieving homeostasis. The drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimal vibration.
There have been many scientific research studies conducted to discover the effect sound and drumming have on the human body and psyche. Research has indicated that even drumming for a short period of time can induce an alpha state, brainwaves associated with wellbeing and euphoria. Drumming helps people express and address emotional issues, aiding in the removal of blockages and producing emotional release. Studies have linked drumming with positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, emotionally disturbed teens, recovery addicts and trauma patients.
Research demonstrates that drumming accesses the whole brain, synchronizing the two cerebral hemispheres, engaging both logical left brain and intuitive right brain. It has been shown to generate dynamic neuronal connections in the brain, even when there has been significant damage such as after stroke or with Parkinson’s Disease. Other studies have noted that IQ scores have improved with control groups after playing drums.
On a physical level drumming in studies has shown to alter endocrine and immunologic response in a person. Scientific research demonstrates that cortisol levels, blood pressure readings, heart rate and blood flow are all positively affected, natural killer cells are more active and drumming aids the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates assisting in pain control.
On a spiritual level, the vibrations of the drumbeat encourage mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and chakras to become balanced, resulting in emotional and mental harmony. Our consciousness shifts and we are able to reach our true spiritual selves.

1. The Reiki Drum Technique incorporates three methods:-A Reiki Drum Healing Session lasts for a shorter period of time than a normal Reiki session. The practitioner gently drums over the body of the client. The drumming is followed by normal hands on Reiki to help integrate the Drum Healing.

2. Reiki Drum Mental Reprogramming is a way of treating negative habits or natural tendencies. The technique can be used to overcome bad habits, to focus the mind on something important or for achieving a goal. Drumming facilitates the energetic shift necessary to positively affect the subconscious mind. The client focuses their mind on the issue in question whilst the practitioner drums gently over their body. After a period of time, the practitioner incorporates normal hands on Reiki to integrate the healing.

3. The Reiki Drum Journey is a technique to facilitate altered consciousness for the client to access information for change in any area of their life. It can be used for healing personal issues, career concerns, relationship problems, accessing the client’s inner wisdom and tuning into spiritual guidance. This technique can be exceptionally empowering and healing on all levels.

Fees for all Reiki Drum Healing sessions are £50 per treatment. If you would like to experience this highly effective healing technique, please feel free to contact me.

The Reiki Drum Technique workshops are available for Reiki II students and Masters. No musical experience necessary.

Reiki for Animals


Reiki not only benefits humans it can also benefit animals. Many vets and nurses agree that Reiki can be a valuable asset when used to support veterinary medicine, before and after surgery. Animal Reiki is recognised in a number of animal rescue centres across the world as a valuable addition to care for animals. It can help agitated, stressed animals become calmer and generally more relaxed.

How Do the Animals React to Reiki?

This really does depend on both the animal and the issues it has. Most pets will become very relaxed, often yawning or twitching as they release stress and negative emotions. Most love this gentle healing energy and stand or lie  in position to receive it. An animal treatment is generally shorter, animals are very receptive to this energy and instinctively know when they have received enough and will move away.

Fortnightly Reiki treatments were able to transform an elderly, poorly, lethargic dog into one who was playful and sprightly. Seizures that had been a consistent part of her life, became mild, then, for a while, non-existent. As the next appointment approached, there would be a slow decline. But then the Reiki would boost her up again. Her owner felt the Reiki had provided an additional year of life, together with a great improvement in its quality.

Mobile services are available throughout the West Lancashire area. To book a hands on treatment for your furry friends or pets, simply fill out the contact form with any queries and  I will be back in touch shortly.

Animal Reiki

Energy Classes for Children

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